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Proposal at The Del

1 year ago by in Romance

In August of 2008 Joe and I (Cindy) traveled to San Diego, where my sons live from Ripon, CA so that he could ask my sons for my hand in marriage. While we were there I wanted to show him the Hotel Del, one of my favorite spots to visit while I’m in San Diego. He hadn’t been there before so we made plans to meet the kids for a nice dinner out while there and to get there early so that I could show him around. Little did I know that he had already made plans with my daughter in law to propose to me there while the kids hid and took pictures of the whole proposal! I couldn’t understand why he took the lead and finally found a spot so that I could rest my feet and then he got down on one knee and proposed! I was so surprised that I began to laugh as I realized that he had tricked me. I said yes! And almost 5 years later we are very happily married and all of our kids are blessed because of it. The Hotel Del holds a very special place in our hearts and we visit it yearly. Our kids buy us the yearly Christmas ornament for our Christmas tree.
Joe and Cindy Perdichizzi

2 Responses to “Proposal at The Del”

June 6, 2013 Reply

So happy that you met Joe, God has surely been faithful. What an awesome story to share for years to come.

June 7, 2013 Reply

As I share this story of how my husband proposed to me and God’s blessings in my life in this way, I feel compelled to clarify and share more for fear of being misleading. I continue to find that the real blessing and deep desire of my heart is only found in my relationship with Christ and how He continues to reveal God’s amazing unconditional love for me (and all). He sees me through difficult times, times of consequences, through my brokenness, my ups and downs, others ups and downs that effect me and reminds me that He is with me through it all and I can trust that. I have found that painful hardships and empty pleasures have caused me to seek after knowing God’s heart and to desire and see Christ working in me, after all what else is there? Now I can say, thank you God for Joe, imperfect as we both are, he accepts me as I am and I him, and God works through it all.

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