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Honeymoon at the Del when everyone else was going to Hawaii!

1 year ago by in Romance, Weddings

When we checked into the airport hotel in LA there was a line of newly married couples in front of us – all of them going to various locations in Hawaii – they asked where we were going and when we said “the Hotel Del Coronado” there was dead silence!!! Little did they know or understand :-) It was a wonderful week – and gave us memories to last a lifetime! This was before the high rise towers were on the strand next to the original hotel. Our room was on the front of the hotel and we had a beautiful view looking down the strand. One morning we woke up to unusual noises and when we looked out our windows, the Marines were landing on the beach just to the south of the hotel!!! Of course it was an exercise, but fun anyway! We plan to spend our 44th anniversary this year with dinner at “the Del” while she is celebrating her 125th! Thank you Hotel Del Coronado!